Located in downtown Albuquerque, OFFCenter Community Arts Project is a non-profit arts organization that believes art-making is central to community building. Our free-of-charge Open Studio is a safe place for everyone to make art.

New! You can now support the Little Houses Program directly. We’re partnering with others such as Heading Home Albuquerque and the Tiny Homes Village to provide Little Houses as housewarming gifts to their  clients. We’ll also sell houses to support our other programs. Donate here 

If you’re an artist (or just want to have fun) and want to contribute a decorated house, email info@offcenterarts.org

New! Visit our Online Gallery with selections by Evolving Artist, Harley Kirschner

We are now open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, noon to 2 pm for you to pick up art kits, pick up your art or shop our gallery.

We’re open on Thursdays, noon to 3 pm for Open Studio (limit five people, masks required) and for you to pick up art kits and shop our gallery.

We take donations all of these days, of art and studio supplies. (Please no frames, electronics, clothing, books, sports equipment, or toys).  If you have a question, please call 247-1172 before dropping off your donation. Thank you!

We welcome your financial support right now.

We know we’re only one of many Albuquerque-based organizations taking a financial hit these days. We’re also keenly aware of the unique difficulties artists face during challenging times. Still,  we hope you’ll make a monetary contribution right now. You can click on the Donate button in the sidebar or mail your check to us at 808 Park Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

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