OFFCenter’s Mission

MISSION    (our core work and reason for being here)
Our mission is to enhance the lives of all people in our community, especially those who have been marginalized, through art-making and creative social interaction in a safe environment.

VISION     (what the effect or outcome of our work will be)
To contribute to the well-being and stability of our community; and to provide a working model of a non-institutional community art setting that sustains and improves community mental health and social capital.

VALUES     (the things we hold to be right or desirable)
• Creativity • Community • Health • Nurturing • Resilience • Self Esteem • Diversity • Compassion • Authenticity • Abundance

PRINCIPLES     (the standards of behavior that we model to support our values)
Promote healing and inclusive social interaction among staff, artists and volunteers

• Greet everyone who enters the studio and offer a studio tour for all newcomers.
• Treat everyone with kind regard.
• Demonstrate compassion towards everyone without a trace of discrimination.
• Ensure equal access to studio space, materials and tools and staff resources.
• Ensure comments about artists and their creative expressions are encouraging.
• Actively listen to, share with, learn from, and seek advice from studio artists.

Maintain an abundant, inspiring, and aesthetically stimulating studio environment.

Facilitate creative expression by everyone who participates in the studio.

Promote positive self identity among participating artists

• Celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and their creative accomplishments.
• Reinforce the value of artists’ work through positive feedback and exhibitions.
• Never use stigmatizing labels to describe or define studio participants.
• Encourage all OFFCenter artists to take organizational stewardship by inviting them to participate in the creation & implementation of our programming.

Support the self-sufficiency of studio artists by encouraging their participation in our art sales shop, gallery and Folk Art Festival.