As part of OFFCenter’s mission to serve our community we want to keep you informed about our programs and our impact.  To view and download our 2018 Annual Report please click on the link below or the image to the left.

2018 Annual Report







We collect a variety of demographic and attendance data for the various aspects of OFFCenter’s programming.



We study the impact OFFCenter has on people’s lives. We regularly conduct a variety of qualitative evaluations to gain reflection of the impact of our studio environment, materials, arts education, outreach, staff and services.

One anonymous survey, is always out in our Open Studio which anyone is able (or if needed with assistance) to fill out to let us answer in their own words just one question:

“How does OFFCenter make a difference in your life?”
Below is a sampling of some of those answers.

While we’ve been collecting these answers for years and have a variety of statements ranging a spectrum of how the variety of services, workshops, environment, community, etc have affected people, an overwhelming majority reflect the positive impact and the necessity for OFFCenter in people’s lives.
Click here if you’re interested in viewing a more complete collection.

“Healing trauma in a safe place. Thank you!”

“My daughter suffers from a form of agoraphobia. This is one of the places she feels comfortable coming to. Thanks OFFCenter”

“It gives me a safe and awesome place to hang out. It brings peace into my life. It helps to keep my depression at bay. I like that they give all these cool free lessons (like the guitar and knitting classes). It’s a great environment to work, play and hangout for all ages and different social classes. Yet everyone comes together and enjoys each others’ company. Thank you 🙂
— Faith K., Visits: “at least twice a week”

“OFFCenter has created a central location for all types of people to come together and get to know one another through art. This space is super important to me and my life because I know I can come here to create for FREE and meet wonderful people. I feel this is a safe space and one that is open to all. I feel good coming here and it’s therapeutic, too! I’ve taken lots of inspiring classes a little or no cost which I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to take. I LOVE OFFCenter.”
— artist who claims to come to OFFCenter “30+ (at least!)” times a year

“I am writing this for the man I bring here. He loves his art. This place is nice for him to come to. He does draw at home, but it’s good for him to get out. Otherwise, he will watch movies or sports on his TV. I am so happy he has a place to come. The people who come here seem to be good people. I think the people who open the doors, volunteer their time. Good people. Thank God for them.”
— caregiver for an individual she brings to OFFCenter on a regular basis

“OFFCenter helps mommy feel better”

“ – I am inspired by other artists
— It enhanced my life, fills me with joy
— allows me a space to show and sell my crafts.
— good people!”

“I come to OFFCenter for company and to seek friendship, to be of service, to be part of artist community.”
— a 94-year-old artist who comes to OFFCenter more than 20x/yr

“I’m on disability and sometimes never go out of my apartment. OFFCenter helps me to get out around people and have a good time, learn skills in a safe, low cost atmosphere.”

“OFFCenter helps improve the quality of my life and those of my clients. I bring people with developmental disabilities here and they can make art. Most important they feel welcome and accepted. The existence of this center fulfills requirements by NM Dept of Health which requires people with disabilities to be integrated with the community. Also, it improves the quality of the neighborhood where I live!” — Artist who comes to OFFCenter 12 times a year