OFFCenter Folk Art Festival VENDORS

Thank you to all our 2015 vendors!
Click Here to View/Print a 2016 Folk Art Festival Poster.

Here is some general information for vendors interested in showing/selling their work in OFFCenter’s Folk Art Festival.
Please share this info with your fellow artists and makers.

  • The Folk Art Festival supports our local artist community by offering low cost opportunities for showcasing your art. The festival is a continuing part of our regular outreach programming supported by volunteers to enhance the lives of our artistic community and is
    not a fundraising event for OFFCenter.
    It is to support you — the artists, musicians, performers and to bring your talents either free to the public or to enjoy affordably for your benefit and profit and to culturally enhance all participant’s lives.
  • Our Booth Fees are only $50 and our event brings in 1500 – 2000 people.
  • If you have any questions about selling at the Folk Art Festival, please do not hesitate to call OFFCenter @ 505-247-1172
  • To get a general sense of the festival layout: 2016 Folk Art Festival Booth Diagram

Here is more information on the process for vendor registrations.

  1. Registration is in person.  Registration begins Friday, June 3rd, from 10 am – 1 pm sign up at OFFCenterfirst come first serve. After that initial sign up, vendors can go to OFFCenter or call @ 505-247-1172 for vendor applications.
  2. Bring in samples/photos of your work – all items must be handmade and one-of-a-kind.
  3. Bring a copy of your CABQ business license. All vendors will be required to provide a copy of their CABQ Business License at sign up. It  is now mandatory with the City of Albuquerque – here is a Link to their website to register your business:
  4. Fill out the Folk Festival Vendor Application – all artists sharing a booth must still complete their own application.
  5. Select a booth layout (forms provided). OFFCenter will have pre-made layouts to choose from. The main issue will be whether you use a canopy or not.  Please be familiar with the Fire Marshals requirements and design your booth to be in compliance.  Your booth will be inspected by the Fire Marshall on Festival day.
  6. Choose your booth location – We will have a large map at OFFCenter that shows all available booth spaces. There is a perfect one for each and every one of you!
  7. Pay $50.00 in person when you register, via Cash, Check or Credit Card.