About Us

OFFCenter Community Arts Project provides free, well-stocked, and safe open studio space for art-making. We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization. We believe art-making is central to community building. Adults and children of all ages are welcome to attend Open Studio, free workgroups, and special workshops. Note: To maintain a safe environment for all, children age 13 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

To enhance the lives of all people in our community, especially those who have been marginalized, through art-making and creative social interaction in a safe environment.

To contribute to the well-being and stability of our community, as well as a to provide a working model of a non-institutional community art setting.

We’re committed to…

  • Promoting healing and inclusive social interaction among staff, artists, and volunteers.
  • Greeting everyone entering the studio and offering a studio tour to newcomers.
  • Demonstrating compassion toward everyone.
  • Ensuring equal access to studio space, materials, tools, and staff resources.
  • Maintaining an abundant, inspiring, and aesthetically stimulating studio environment.
  • Ensuring comments about artists and their creative expression are encouraging.
  • Reinforcing the value of artists’ work through positive feedback and non-juried exhibitions.
  • Actively listening to, sharing with, learning from, and seeking advice from studio artists.
  • Encouraging all OFFCenter artists to take organizational stewardship by participating in creating and implementing programs.
  • Supporting self-sufficiency of studio artists by encouraging their participation in our art gallery and shop.

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