OFFCenter Proud to Host Senior Project Art Exhibit!

Sandia Prep Senior Project
Daisy Santistevan
Traditional & Digital Photography Exhibit
Exhibit Opens June 9th, 5 – 8pm
Up through June 12th
Daisy told OFFCenter:
“Daisy Santistevan is a recent graduate of Sandia Preparatory School committed to bringing her artwork to life. This photo show is a portrait project meant to show different sides of a person in black and white film versus color digital. She did all the work by hand in a photo lab at her school for A Senior Project in order to help her graduate. The senior project is something all the seniors do; the senior class takes the last month off of school to work for 30 hrs/week for no pay in order to prep themselves for the work world they are going to enter right after high school if they’re not already in the world of work. “I anticipated a lot of work,” recent graduate says, “but i definitely didn’t anticipate THIS much.” Daisy Santistevan is going to go to the University of New Mexico this fall and is looking forward to many art classes, including: ceramics, photography and illustration. Anyone and everyone is invited to enjoy her show, Opening June 9th at 5pm and up through Sat. June 12th at 2 pm.
Special “thank you”s go out to Michael Hudock, Ellen Santistevan (*mom), Artisan art supplies, Sandia Prep, Cody Rixse, Joshua Chappell, Mark Santistevan jr, Chelsea Huff, Corey Norman, Jeremy Maloy, and Joseph Gonda.”
Congratulations Daisy! We’re proud of your hard work in art and photography and wish you a long, creative and productive future! OFFCenter is proud to host this event.