Now House Tour Tickets at BOOKWORKS, too

Many thanks to Bookworks for helping us out with 2010 Albuquirky House Tour ticket sales. Bookworks is on Rio Grande north of Griegos next door to Flying Star. They are accepting cash only, $1 service charge. Hours are 9 to 9 M-Sat and 9 to 7 on Sun.

You can, of course, also purchase your tickets from our website, via Paypal, or by phone (credit card) or of course in person (check, cash, credit card, MO).

Yikes! Only a couple of weeks until the grand quirky fundraiser for OFFCenter on MAY 1! Find out more on our website — where you can even get a VIDEO sneek peek at two of our quirky tour homes, thanks to Deanna Sauceda and KRQE:

We’re still here — thanks to you!

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