Purchase your House Tour tickets online

This year you have one more option for purchasing your Albuquirky House Tour tickets — you can buy them right online at our website, via Paypal. Paypal is very secure, and you don’t even need a Paypal account. You can use a credit card or bank transfer, or your good old Paypal account.
If this is an easier way for you to get your tickets, just click the link or image below to go to our House Tour page, then click on the Add to Cart button. We can mail them out to you until about a week before the event on May 1 (see the web page for more details).

OFFCenter’s 2010 Albuquirky House Tour

Of course, you can still call 505-247-1172 to order your tickets (you’ll need to give your credit card info), or stop in and pick them up.

We’re still here — thanks you YOU. We appreciate your support.