Sharie’s Studio Journal

Hello everyone I do appologize for my extended absence but the winter hours for the studio have not been good for me to have the time in the studio but hopefully soon I will be back in the studio. I do want to remind you all to watch Breaking Bad a series on the AMC channel (65) this Sunday night at 8 pm I think. Now please I am not promoting the program because I cannot condon making and selling drugs for any reason. I am reminding everyone who can to watch and look at the props used because last summer a member of their production crew a set director came into OFFCenter and purchased some art to use as props in this seasons program and she told me the story line when I told her I had never watched the show. I still cannot “get into the story line” but I will watch because she purchased a few of the Albuquirky House Tour “Little Houses” and some other pieces as well and so I will be looking for those (smile) Remember the 2010 House Tour is coming up May First May Day get your tickets you can buy online just go to the OFFCenter website of to the studio. If you have started a collection of “Little Houses” there will be new ones in the studio and if you don’t have a collection it is not too late to start one.
See you around. Watch Breaking Bad Sunday 8p.m. ?? Get your house tour tickets before they are gone. Sharie