Sharie’s Studio Journal

Greetings Everyone: I grew up in a home where books were sacred–you did not turn the corner of the page down to mark your place, you did not lay a book open face down as that would break the spine, and many other don’ts about books. I had a difficult time thinking of participating in a recent workshop held in the studio—Altered Books— Once I got past all thatI signed up and the day of was very interesting we met new people–sponsors of the event participants and the facilitators. This was part of the BIG Read the campaign to encourage people to read more.

There were books of all description—-old text books, prime readers, how to books, childrens nursery rhymes, big books, medium and small in terms of thickness and dimension. The facilitator had several examples of the many ways you can alter a book. Supplies to use in the altering of these books–paper, beads, baubles, photos and threads or yarn. I have to admit it was a lot of fun to take a book and alter it and make it my own.