Sharie’s Studio Journal

Last week in the studio was busy in preparation for the opening of the Paper or Plastic Show and Thank you to our wonderful volunteers. There were not so many artists in the studio but there were new visitors coming in to check it out. Some said they had missed the Folk Art Festival due to being out of town others said a friend had attended the fest and told them about it so they wanted to see who we are and what we do. It ws nice to have the opportunity to share with new friends about OFFCenter and what we do and what a great place OFFCenter is.

Some are looking for a place to make art others want to donate materials and others their time and talents.

The photo of “roses in a box” these were made by several artists in the studio to be given to our valued volunteers we could not function without the great individuals (just a few shown here).

The Letters Home Project continues to meet at OFFCenter on Sunday afternoons to create cards and letter writing materials for military personnel overseas to have so they can write to their families and loved ones. (see photos)