Sharie’s Studio Journal

Well the Folk Art Festival is over and as others have posted it was a success. Lots of art making, good food, great music and entertainment through out the park. I have not heard any negative comments. The studio has been quite this week and busy at the same time for those who have the energy to come in because all the supplies that were in the park for the festival now have to be sorted and put away. Today it looks more like the “studio”. The puppets and masks remain but partly due to the rain making it impractical to transport them at this time.

If you missed this years festival I am sorry it was overall a great day and we did not get rained out as the forecast threatened.

Come on in to the studio as we are getting ready for the next in house show and fund raiser for OFFCenter. We are gathering and recycling trash left in the park after the festival. It will be fun to see what everyone creates from trash.