Sharie’s Studio Journal

We never know who we will meet on any given day whether on the streets of the city or in the studio here at OFFCenter. It may be an old friend we have not seen in a while or a new friend we just met and with more and more movies and tv series being filmed in New Mexico and some right here in Albuquerque. That being said you just never know who might come thru the door at OFFCenter. Last week I had the priviledge of being there when the set director of the TV Series Breaking Bad came in looking for art work to be used as props in an upcoming episode of the 3rd season. I have been told these pieces of art work will be used in the second episode airing in the Spring. I think it is exciting that this company knows about OFFCenter and recognizes that our art it unique and great. I hope there are others in the film industry that learn of us and find their way to our door and get more art whether for use in their movie or tv series and even for their personal collection of art. I will keep you posted .