Sharie’s Studio Journal: One week til the Folk Art Festival

This week will go too fast as did this past week but time waits for no one. The studio continues to be a buzz with activity getting ready for the Folk Art Festival. And other regular activities continue to happen in the midst of all this prep. David’s art/drawing class found a corner table among the puppets and other stuff going on to get their lesson this week. The Thursday Writing group found a niche to write and read their prose to one another inspite of the repair work happening to the puppets in order for them to be ready for the parade next Sunday (9/13). People are dropping in to secure their space to sell their art at the Festival. One table is busy with volunteers putting labels on water bottles for the festival and today every one was making room for the First Friday Coffee House.

If you didn’t make it in for the coffee house you missed a really good band Tortuga. There were kids dancing and playing with the band (drums and tamborine) , frinds visiting with friends they had not seen in a while new friends being met and new people to OFFCenter. Art being bought and some really good food. All in all I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did and liked the band too.

Congratulations to Sky sorry I missed your debut.

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