Puppet Invasion

Greetings Everyone:
I goofed I tried to reorganize the photos I had posted and it deleted every thing . The puppets have come out of storage and are back in the studio. Some just need to be dusted off and some need a “face lift ” and a few are getting an overhaul but they look great and are getting ready for their annual parade for the kickoff of the Folk Art Festival. There was a workshop (funshop) with Sunny Burkland and we have some new Puppets for the parade. It was great to watch brothers work side by side each creating their own winged creature to carry in the parade. Families seemed to be having a great time working on their own creatures. Mother and daughter worked together and Dad took care of the baby and all looked happy. Individuals and couples helping each other and comments and suggestions offered from other participants as well as a lot of That is sooooo coool and awesome or I would not of thought of doing that. Adabelle Allen, our new intern got assistance with the sewing part of her project and has so pretty cool wings for her Magpie.

If you missed this one or want to carry a puppet or mask in the parade there will be another opportunity this Saturday check our OFFCenter calendar for the times. Hope to see you there.