Summerfest Latin Night Art Projects

Saturday night was the last night of Summerfest 2009, and we got lots of kudos on our Latin-inspired art projects that intrigued adults and kids alike.

She and mom rode a tandem bike to Civic Plaza, and while mom rested under the tent, daughter made her shrine.
Our nichos project was very popular. Hers is adorned with shells and other small objects we set out on the tables.

This young gal was a repeat visitor this summer. Her nicho is called “Love.”

These friends made nichos for their friends.
Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post about our other Latin-inspired art project — we did our own “intro” version of punched tin work.

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  1. What a wonderful gift to the City of Albuquerque! Thank you for providing the materials and holding the space for art making at SummerFest. These pictures are beautiful.

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