Recognition of OFFCenter Artists

Sharie’s Studio Journal

Hats off to the New Mexico Magazine for having the ability to recognize talent and let others know of the accomplishments of OFFCenter artists and supporters. The June issue in their BOOK BRIEFS section they have spot lighted the 2009 ALBUQUERQUE ALMANAC edited by Amanda Gardner journalist, writer,artist and supporter of OFFCenter Community Art Project. This publication is available at OFFCenter and “Mandy” (as we know her) is in the process of gathering stories and other appropriate informational submissions for the upcoming 2010 ALBUQUERQUE ALMANAC. CONGRATULATIONS— Mandy. By the by for those of you interested in trying your creative writing skills Mandy is in the studio on Thursdays at 3 P.M. for a writers class. Come join the fun and learning is great and its free. Of course donations are always accepted.