Volunteers are Very Important

Have you seen folks in OFFCenter around a table talking about things like “Where will they park?”, “Who will do the food?”, “When does it have to be done by?”- and most importantly- “Who will get it done?”

If so, you may be seeing OFFCenter Board of Directors and other volunteers in action. OFFCenter provides open studio hours for many emerging or yet to emerge artists and hosts lots of structured activities for our community. But OFFCenter also does regular and continual fundraising efforts through a variety of events that are crucial to keep OFFCenter alive and available to our community. When the events happen it may seem like they just happen, but really they take a lot of planning and effort beforehand and during the event.
The new First Friday Coffeehouses with live music on the first Friday of each month is one of these events. If you would like to help with any of our ongoing fundraising and organizing events let a staff person at OFFCenter know, or join in when you see one of the planning meetings happening. WE can do it all together:)