Our Piano

Sharie’s Studio Journal

Pianos are wonderful instruments–my Dad told me once that if I learned to play the piano I would be able to learn to play any instrument I wanted. I have heard others agree with his statement so I have to believe it to be true. We have a piano in the studio at OFFCenter. I don’t recall every being in a room with a piano that children were not drawn to it. The expression on their faces full of curiosity–wanting to touch those black and white keys to see and hear what sound will come from them. The will look around to see if anyone is watching –especially Mom or Dad–wait to see if someone will tell them NO! don’t touch. Then regardless of that possibility those little fingers find their way to the keyboard and then they press however many keys their little hand can reach at one time and WOW sound their eyes get wider a smile spreads across their face and it is on—- more sounds more keys and in their mind you know they are on stage preforming their little heart out. We have artists who are multi talented and they will on occasion take a seat at our piano and play. This is always a treat and most other artists will express their appreciation for the musical offering. You know pianos need to be cared for and periodically need to be tuned. We have an artist who has sent us a new friend to OFFCenter. Sally Thank you for sending the piano tuner. He reported that it was really flat but no more (for now). So if you don’t consider yourself an artist of visual art but can make music that is art too come on in and play for us and with us as we make art & make friends and buy art. By the way there are guitar lessons available check our calendar on our web page for dates and times. See in the studio Sharie