Board of Directors Retreat 2009

Sharie’s Studio Journal

Greetings to all: The Board of Directors met this past Saturday in “Retreat” lol I think it is funny to call it a retreat because we worked. We met because we as individuals truly believe in OFFCenter and what it offers and stands for in the community. This was a time for us to become better acquainted with each other and learn a little more about each other. I think this is important because I see the board as a team and our purpose is to make sure OFFCenter continues to be an important part of the community as well as the safe haven it has become for so many artists. These board members are in the studio either making their own art or for a meeting working on the next project to promote OFFCenter. If you know who they are and would like to meet any of them ask Marcia or Ron to introduce you or point us out to you and come talk to us. We truly want OFFCenter to be the best it can be and if you have questions or concerns or suggestions please let one of know.

I also encourage you to attend and participate in the Emerging Artist Meeting on Thursday at 5:30 pm. That is an excellent place to learn more about OFFCenter and how things happen there.

Hope to see you and or meet you soon.