Amy Biehl Charter School visits OFFCenter

Sharie’s Studio Journal

Last week in the studio: Students from Amy Biehl Charter School (located downtown) were there learning about print making. It was fun and interesting to watch them go thru trial and error of colors and getting too much “ink” or not enough. The end results were great. This class was there twice and on Friday they returned and the difference from one session to the next was very apparent in that they came in and were more comfortable in the space and settled right in to do their project for the day.

Another really great thing that happens in the studio is new people coming in and taking in the whole space and atomsphere. I was in conversation and sharing about OFFCenter with a first time visitor as she was admiring the finished product of the print making and asking some of the students about their particular piece of art work. The inspiring part was to hear a student tell this visitor the process by which he had created his print and to hear the pride of accomplishment in his voice. It was awesome.

More later….. Sharie