Soft Sculpture Mermaid Workshop April 18, 2009

with Kathleen Schweizer!
Saturday, April 18, 2009
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Please Call OFFCenter to register.
Cost: $40.
All materials will be provided.
Scholarships are available.

This is not a workshop but a “playshop!”
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Working with colors found in the ocean (teals, aquas, greens, blues) you will create a sweet soft sculpture mermaid. First you will learn to create a 2-D wire armature, then shape the armature so that it becomes a 3-D framework. Next you will cover the basic framework with fabric and then the real fun begins — embellishment!! .

If you’ve previously taken one of Kathleen’s classes, you know that she will provide you with an abundance of materials from which to choose — you will work with fabric, sequins, beads, shells, yarns, ribbons, feathers and more. Feel free to bring any items you would like to incorporate into your mermaid figure. If you have a pair of needle-nose, round-nose, long-nose or conical-nose pliers, please bring them with you to class.

Click Kathleen’s picture to visit her Etsy shop!
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