One More Artist Reflects on the 516 Art X Change

OFFCenter Community Arts Project

This Art X Change post is from Mary Lambert, OFFCenter studio artist:

Many thanks to Bryan and Suzanne at 516 ARTS for connecting OFFCenter with Delilah Montoya, curator and artist of the current exhibit, Chicana Badgirls at 516. It was fascinating to learn a little about some of her process in curating the show and the thinking and mythology that went into her large digital print of La Llorona and Lilith.

Here are a couple of things I remember Delilah mentioning about entry into the public art arena as an artist:
  • Do the body of work. You have to do the work. You can then decide on and promote your best pieces.
  • Enter National Call for Entries. This is how you get your work known on a large scale. Plus, why not? It takes just as much effort to enter on a regional scale as on a national one.
  • Participate in as many local Art Fairs as you can. This is how you can gain experience showing your work.
  • Don’t burn your bridges. Even tho the art world many times seems unfair and unjust, hold your tongue. It is a small town and people love to tell stories.

Words of wisdom from the mouth of a “Badgirl”.