Another artist’s reflections on the first ArtXChange

Here’s what OFFCenter studio artist Jude Pacheco shared with us about the first OFFCenter ArtXChange event with 516 Arts, just down the street:

My experience at the 516 Arts / OFFCenter Art X Change on Thursday, March 12, 2009 was an exceptionally wonderful time. Our 516 Arts gallery tour guide walked us through the exhibition space describing in good detail the works as well as answering and asking through provoking questions. 516 artist Delilah Montoya is an absolutely delightful personality. Her warm and comforting approach to the audience worked well as some guests felt it easy to describe their own heart-breaking personal stories in relation to the art. Then, back at the OFFCenter I was personally honored and humbled to treat my one-minute performance art piece titled “Stare Into the Mirror.” Delilah commented that she “like the piece” and I was overwhelmed with joy. The 516 Arts / OFFCenter Art X Change was an experience I’ll not soon forget. We laughed, cried, and hopefully looked again at ourselves. I could never have expected the Art X Change to have been such a surprise — thank you to Delilah Montoya and Mary Lambert — the OFFCenter Community Arts Studio & the 516 Arts.