Artists comment on first ArtXchange

OFFCenter’s emerging artists recently participated in an artXchange with 516 Arts, just a couple of blocks away from the studio. Word is that we’ll do this again in the future, perhaps several times a year, and/or whenever 516 launches a new show. It’s good for the artists, good for the organizations, and good for the neighborhood. We’ll be posting feedback from the event. Here’s what Venae Warner had to say:

“When I received the notice that the 516 gallery was inviting us to an “Art X Change,” I imagined trading my paltry work for some of their current and seasoned artist’s work. I couldn’t imagine it. But after reading further I realized that this event was a talk from the artist and curator Delilah Montoya, I was on board.
The show was aptly titled Chicana Bad Girls. When we arrived we were guided by a knowledgeable staff member from 516, where he illuminated the philosophies, motivations and techniques of most of the artists. After that Delilah Montoya discussed her vision for the show, her beautiful manipulated wall size photograph, and answered our various questions. Since most of us were artists, we were able to discuss the show from the artist’s perspective.
This was free, entertaining, stimulating and educational. How fortunate for us that 516 has created this new venue. I definitely look forward to the next show.”