Funky Found Object Canvas Village Feb. 28

Leighanna Light is back at OFFCenter with another Saturday workshop!
“In this workshop we will create our very own imaginary village using a variety of techniques to build thick deep layers on canvas. We will use paint, paper, fabric, fibers, found objects & gel to create amazing depth & dimension. Learn many new tips & tricks including how to obtain a beautiful encaustic look without using messy hot wax & crock pots. Please join us for a fun, relaxing day of inspiration & art making! This is a project oriented workshop. You should be able to leave with at least one finished canvas, three if you work fast!”

Saturday, February 28, 2009
10am – 4pm — Cost:$70.
Reservations required – must pay in advance to reserve a seat.

  • three 8 x 8 or 6 x 12 stretched canvases,with at least a 1-1/2 inch edge. An inexpensive source for this is – look for “Joe’s prime really good canvas,extra deep” A package of 5 is $14.49 plus shipping. You can also work over a canvas that has already been painted.
  • At least 8 oz. of REGULAR gel medium, semi gloss or matte. This is important – you will not be able to participate without this.
  • 4 oz.of glue, PVA is best,available at Papers! – we will have some to share if you don’t have any.
  • Several paint brushes, a ruler & scissors or use what OFFCenter has.
  • A small palette knife – OFFCenter has a few of these also.
  • A heat gun or a blowdryer if you have one – several will be available.
  • A FEW of your favorite acrylic paints (if everyone brings 2 or 3 & is willing to share, we should be fine) or use what OFFCenter has in stock.
  • A variety of small found objects to embed into your canvas – flat game pieces, lace, fabric, metal, buttons & gears or use what OFFCenter has in stock.
  • A variety of papers, dictionary pages, old handwriting, maps, wallpaper, decorative papers will all work well or use what OFFCenter has in stock.